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# Is Freemius Spyware? — Everything You Need to Know About Freemius Data Collection
While Freemius does have a [Privacy Policy]( that explains how we collect, process, and use data, we thought it would be useful for the WordPress community to be able to read through the frequently asked privacy-related questions and concerns, openly and transparently. We would like to clarify any misconceptions you may have about Freemius and the plugins and themes using the platform.

> _My team and I have been putting our blood, sweat and tears into building Freemius – a platform to benefit the whole WordPress community. We are very proud of what we have built and lucky to witness the impact it has on plugin and theme developers’ lives across the globe. Yet, from time to time, some critics rush into unfounded conclusions, sounding like conspiracy theories, and publicly accuse us and our partners as if we are some sort of evil spyware software, without checking any facts behind their claims. Not only is that the last thing we are doing – it’s simply not true. While it’s quite rare to see these unjustified claims, it really upsets us to find them, and they harm our brand and put our partners in an awkward position where they need to defend us._
> ***If you are considering to use a plugin or a theme that uses Freemius and you’re concerned about privacy – TL;DR; we want to be clear that we don’t collect any data without your permission, and we definitely do not sell data or use it for any nefarious intentions whatsoever.***
> — Vova Feldman, CEO

* [What is Freemius?](
* [Do I have to share data with Freemius?](
* [Why would I share any data with Freemius?](
* [Why would I share any data with the developer of the plugin or theme I’m using? ](
* [Does Freemius sell my data?](
* [What does Freemius do with my data and who can access it?](
* [Will product updates continue working if I skip the opt-in?](
* [What information is collected by Freemius if I opt-in and why?](
* [How frequently data is collected after opting in?](
* [Can I opt-out from usage-tracking after opting in?](
* [Does Freemius usage-tracking impact performance?](
* [How can I have my data completely removed from Freemius?](
* [How can I hide sensitive information from the Account page?](
* [Can I hide the pricing page and add-on prices from my client sites?](
* [I’m using the product on my clients sites, will Freemius collect their information?](
* [Is Freemius GDPR compliant?](